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  • Malaysia's next 50 years: Domestic ethnocratic concerns +

    Will Malaysia be a fulcrum connecting maritime and mainland parts of Southeast Asia or instead its fault line? Within and among Asean states, there are softly spoken concerns about Malaysia's domestic contradictions in recognition of the possibilities of massive social and political dislocation and even disintegration of the fractured country.   Read More
  • Batang Kali massacre: Justice delayed again +

    The Batang Kali massacre occurred because, in Britain's Empire, principles – specifically the right to life and to its protection by laws to be enforced on an equal basis – were sometimes abandoned Read More
  • Why the Hindraf ‘MoU’ was doomed to failure +

    To be able to trigger the social re-engineering to get Malaysia back on track, the country desperately needs a strong, forceful and principled Prime Minister to take charge. Read More
  • Malaysia’s Allah issue seen from afar +

    How can Prime Minister Najib Razak, his government, and its supporters justify their act of prohibiting the 'Allah' word to Malaysian Christians when no one else in the Islamic world agrees with them, asks a former US ambassador to the country. Read More
  • Jeffrey supports Waytha on quit call to Najib, urges Ku Li as possible replacement +

    Many people in Sabah and Sarawak, as in Malaya, will not shed any tears if Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak takes heed of Hindraf Makkal Sakthi chief P. Waythamoorthy’s call, and quits as Prime Minister. Read More
  • Waytha Moorthy: Honouring his pledge; redeeming his name +

    Should Hindraf decide to engage in a public campaign to denounce the PM for his cynical disregard of the Indian electorate after making use of them during the recent elections, the damage could be considerable and long lasting. Read More
  • ‘Reject Violence, Advocate Peaceful Dialogue’ +

     All Malaysians are urged to condemn the use of intimidation and violence by any individual, organisation or institution as a means of resolving differences. Read More
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